6/23/2020 8:45:06 PM
Thank you everyone for all your support during a very difficult time.
6/11/2020 1:18:43 PM
Elizabeth and Carla. Were great and very compassionate
6/10/2020 12:21:13 PM
Very satisfied. Very caring. I appreciate the follow ups. Thank you!!
6/9/2020 6:25:11 PM
Physicians Immediate Care has done a great job providing care for our entire family while dealing with COVID-19!!
6/9/2020 12:32:40 PM
Jannette Martinez was friendly and help all around !
6/6/2020 1:11:08 PM
They were very professional.
6/4/2020 12:00:53 PM
The doctor was great! He was very empathetic and answered all my questions. Overall a great attitude from him which helped me remain positive of recovering.
6/3/2020 9:35:02 PM
Great job!
6/3/2020 11:57:47 AM
Very satisfied Girl I talked to was very nice Thank you
5/30/2020 1:09:40 PM
Your staff was very friendly and supportive.